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Monday, 15 December 2014

SoakSoak Malware Compromise 100,000 WordPress Websites

Today when I wake up in the morning, I got a notification from

my client that Google is showing warning on her website that

" Your Website is Compromised with Malware"

soaksoak- website securityspecialist

During checking for the malicious files I found some code is

added to the core files of the WordPress -


function FuncQueueObject()
add_action("wp_enqueue_scripts", 'FuncQueueObject');



This malware when decoded loads a javascript malware from

the domain, specifically this file:



When i search the malicious domain on google

I come to know about this from Sucuri .

Check your WordPress is it compromised or not at -


With in 1 hour I correct the issue and Let the Website work

without google warning.


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If your WordPress Website is compromised with #soaksoak

Malware then Hire me for Malware Removal and WordPress

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