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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Magento 2 - Install the Extension Command Line

Magento 2 - Install the Extension Command Line

Install Magento 2 Extension COMMAND LINE

Your Magento 2 Extensions can be installed in a few minutes by going through these following steps -
Step 1: Download/purchase the extension
Step 2: Unzip the file in a temporary directory
Step 3: Upload it to your Magento installation root directory
Step 4: Disable the cache in Magento admin panel under System­ >> Cache Management
Step 5: Login to Shell (SSH). Go to your Magento directory Enter the following at the command line:
php ­f bin/magento setup:upgrade
Step 6: Login to Admin Panel­ >> Configuration >­>Advanced >­> Advanced, the module will be shown Enable.

Hope you easily Install and Enable the extension using above steps.
If you still get any issue we are happy to help.
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